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Southwest Airline Co. And Their
Compelling Perks

Founded in the late 1960s, Southwest Airline Co. is one of the best and major airlines in the United States. The airline came into existence intending to provide a better flight experience with reasonable prices. In other words, it was focused on providing flight affordability to every class of society. Despite challenges with reaching its goal, the airline achieved it. With affordable Southwest airline reservations, it is now the largest low-priced carrier airline around the entire globe.

Individuals get very reasonable prices for, around, 111 pre-determined destinations in 40 states. As the Southwest airline started getting attention with its “people-focused” business model, it acquired a lot of competition with existing as well as new airlines. But, being a strong competitor, it has been more of an inspiration to the other airlines. They inspired various strategies and models that were implemented and loved. Let’s see why Southwest airline is the best in the industry.

Why Go For Southwest Airlines Reservations?

Everyone is familiar with its low-cost fare on Southwest airlines reservations. In addition to that, it strategized a few standard perks such as no cost on checked bags, refreshments on board, and a customer service that won appreciations. So, moving forward, here are some other facilities that the airline offers and is likely to compel you to fly with them.

  1. It offers 3 ticketing options- Wanna Get Away, Anytime, and Business Select (Various fares with various amenity inclusions and the same customer service).
  2. Complimentary drinks and snacks or refreshments on board.
  3. Two free check-in bags per person (unlike any other United States airline).
  4. Business Select perks include priority security lanes, priority boarding, premium choices in beverages (incl. alcohol).
  5. You earn points on your Southwest airlines reservations and these points can be fixed and adjusted on shopping, car rentals, dining out, travelling, partner hotels, and category bonuses.
  6. The companion pass perks, that lets flyers choose one person for their regular one-way trips and get their ticket fare wiped off.

Let’s move ahead and discuss making reservations, changes, upgrades, and of course, the cancellation policy.

Reservation, Refund And Cancellation Guidelines

Reservation and Refund

Southwest airlines reservations may be the best flight choice when travelling to the destinations they operate in. And to make things even easier, the airline came up with their very own Southwest Application. Now your travelling plans are simply at your fingertips. There are three ways for you to choose from to make your reservations:

  • Online- via the mobile app, or their official webpage
  • On-call- via their customer care number
  • Offline- directly, at the airport counter

They do not assign seats on Southwest airlines reservations. You are free to choose any seat you want, once you’ve come on board. Where all the other airlines allow you to book your flights eleven months before your trip, Southwest releases their fares in certain batches, allowing you to book your flight seven months before. Now, if you’ve already made reservations and the flight fare drops later, Southwest came up with an amazing solution. If in case, you have a “Wanna Get Away” ticket you’ll get travel credit for that exact difference of lowered fare and the price you paid. But, if you have an “Anytime” or a “Business Select” ticket, you will be refunded the difference amount.

Cancellation and Change

World’s largest low-priced airline, never charges its consumers on making flight changes. That’s because they seem to understand there can be changes at any time in life. Plans change and they value that. Also, there is no limit on how many changes or how often you make the changes. The airline is so focused on providing the best to its passengers that it offers change and cancellation facilities up to 10 minutes from the scheduled departure. If you cancel your Southwest airlines reservations on-time, you will receive the amount you paid as a reusable travel fund. The airline lets you change your flight even though, you’ve checked-in for it.

Ticket Upgrade and Cancellation

For instance, you bought a $50 Wanna Get Away ticket, but you wanted to upgrade it to either Anytime or Business Select ticket. So, you pay the difference which makes your total expense $250. On the day of the trip, for some reason, you had to cancel your reservation. Now, on cancelling the Southwest airlines reservations, the upgraded amount ($200) will be refunded to you, and the initial ticket fare ($50) will be added as a reusable travel fare.


Southwest Airline Co. is one of the world’s largest airlines that offer the most cost-effective flight fares. With Southwest airlines reservations, the perks are extremely overwhelming. With award-winning customer service, it offers complimentary refreshments, free check-in baggage, refunds, cancellation and upgrade ease, and so much more. Affordability for all societal class and the best flying experience is their priority and they work towards it each hour of the day. Even after facing challenges and competition, the airline has inspired many other brands and has been thriving since its initial stages.